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Click Tint is a product designed to be installed on existing mounted windows. The self-adhesive smart foil, allows us to transform a normal window into a tinted window with a click of a button.



Click Tint is a modern solution when it comes to privacy, aesthetics and functionality. The easy to use characteristic makes this smart film a very popular choice in many homes, offices, healthcare facilities, conference rooms, spa centres, hotels, shopping centres, etc.

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Click-Tint for a modern home

Enjoy privacy and minimalism.

Click-Tint is an ideal alternative to curtains, providing instant privacy when you need it, while simultaneously allowing you to take full advantage of natural light.

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Click-Tint for your hotel

Click-Tint contributes to more comfort and luxury, creating a unique privacy/divider feature without alteration to interior spaces.

An ideal solution for modern, dynamic partitions between rooms.

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Click-Tint for your clinic

Upgrade your clinic's look with Click-Tint smart film. It offers a clean, efficient, and minimalist style, making your clinic look more professional and secure for patients.

Click-Tint creates an open, friendly space, improving patient connections while providing privacy easily with just a click.

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Click-Tint for your office

Modernise your office by discarding cumbersome partitions and unwanted walls.

With Click-Tint, achieve a guaranteed improved and more contemporary work environment, enhanced focus, and reduced distractions with just one click.


About Click Tint

Click Tint is a self-adhesive foil that is aplied to glass. Upon electrical aplication Click Tint foil transform itself into a transparent film.

When the power is switched on, Click Tint produces an electrical current making the liquid crystal molecules synchronously align. This allows the light to pass through making the glass clear. In their natural, uncharged state (or when the power is switched off) the crystal droplets orient themselves randomly.

Click Tint self-adhesive foil is available in width of up to 180cm. In the case of a wider surface requiring coverage, two or more pieces are applied with a distance of 1 mm.

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